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Our Friendly, Professional and Approachable Team of Instructors

These are the Yoga instructors that will be teaching your Yoga classes in 2021. Each and every one of them is highly skilled and experienced, but just as important: they are always friendly and approachable.

Alexandra Bowley

Alexandra bowley 1

Manager & Yoga Teacher - Vassiliki

Alex is an RYT600 qualified Yoga Instructor and Reflexologist.

Following successful careers as a Dancer and then as a TV Executive, she finished her first Yoga Teacher Training in Athens and went on to expand her studies in India, now collating 100s of hours of international teaching experience, including leading on a Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Her specialities are Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin. She also enjoys holding Nidra, Restorative, Meditation, Pranayama and Relaxation classes and inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long term health goals. She is an avid SUP Yoga instructor.

Alex previously went on a Healthy Options holiday as a guest in 2015 and enjoyed it so much she set herself the goal to work for us one day. 2021 will be her 5th season with us and she couldn’t be happier to be back in the role of Manager!

Alex’s teaching style is fun and naturally flowing. She combines her knowledge of anatomy and the breath to create a safe space to practice in and give her students the opportunity to explore the mental and the physical aspects of Yoga.

“I enjoy creating a balance of calmness and power when I teach and I allow my dance background to influence my classes in part. I want my students to leave feeling energised and happy!”

Alex’s sessions include emphasis on breath, energy, flow, anatomy, alignment and relaxation; postures which will invigorate the physical and mental being, leaving you with a general sense of change, growth and wellness.

Alexandra Bowley will be available from 19th June to 20th October

Robyn Fitzpatrick

Robyn fitzpatrick

Pilates Teacher - Vassiliki

Having been in the health and fitness industry since 2010 Robyn is thrilled to share her natural love of movement and flow.

Robyn is certified in Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates (Stott, NTC & Balanced Body) and has an advanced Diploma in Personal Training with Australian College of Sport and Fitness.

Robyn started Yoga and Pilates 12 years ago and instantly fell in love with the grace and beauty of the movements. Since then she has embodied all things Yoga and Pilates into her life and has continued her study around the world & enjoys to share her passion through teaching.

Robyn invites students to move with freedom in their form and softness in their strength as her classes are filled with warmth, encouragement and positivity. She has a firm belief that we are all unique, all looking for different results, with different bodies, different habits and different lives.

Robyn Fitzpatrick will be available from 19th June to 15th August

Ann Doran

Ann doran

Fitness Teacher - Vassiliki

Hi, my name is Annie and I am from Dublin, Ireland.

I feel so happy and honoured to be chosen as part of the Healthy Options team. My background is corporate, having worked in sales, then accounting, for nearly 20 years. But I changed course several years ago after overcoming a serious illness that left me hospitalised and immobile for three months. I thought, there had to be more to life, then sitting at a desk all day!! And so my fitness and spiritual journey began.

I had always struggled with my weight and I lost six stone through the help and support of my local gym. During that time I found a passion for physical activity and realised what a huge impact movement had on my mental health and wellbeing; also I did not realise how competitive I was! I then trained as a PT and started working full time in the gym.

My own experience of being new to a gym, new to movement, new to being compassionate with myself and appreciating that even the littlest of steps forward was progress, gave me a real insight as to how my clients were feeling and how to best support them.

We all want to feel better inside and look better on the outside and to do this we need to learn to be kinder to ourselves, appreciate what we are able to do, don’t compare ourselves to anyone else and celebrate each of our wins.

I love to teach, motivate and connect to people while having fun and so I will be teaching a variety of fitness classes which aim to get the heart pumping, the body moving and also connect to our breath and posture.

I cannot wait to encourage and be a part of the journey of others who have overcome similar hurdles. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Ann Doran will be available from 19th June to 20th October

Hannah Buckley

Hannah buckley 1

Pilates Teacher - Vassiliki

Hannah is a professionally trained Contemporary dancer originally from Ireland.

Pilates, Yoga and other somatic practices were an integral part of Hannah's dance training at university and experiencing the positive impact these methods had on her strength, posture and flexibility at an early age, she was keen to develop her skills further.

She took further training during her travels in New York, Los Angeles and Denmark and is a certified Progressive Pilates Academy Reformer, STOTT-certified Mat Pilates, Barre, Rip 60 and Yoga Instructor.

Hannah's classes are reflective of her dance background in which an essence of flow and grace are encouraged.

Hannah is passionate about making movement accessible to all having worked with children, teens, athletes and retirees and is looking forward to sharing her passion for movement.

Hannah Buckley will be available from 1st August to 20th October

Giorgia Monteleone

Giorgia monteleone

Yoga Teacher - Vassiliki

I started practicing Yoga six years ago in Italy, considering it a mere physical practice, but in a short time I realized that it is much more than that. I've never stopped practicing since then and after my 200hr ytt in India, Rishikesh, I began to realise that Yoga was changing my life – This made me want to share my experience about this amazing discipline with other people.

I studied several aspects of Yoga and in particular, I have deepened my practice in Ashtanga Vinyasa, a style that combines dynamic and intense movement with a powerful breathing technique.

I love teaching and working with people to achieve their goals so I will mix different styles in my classes, with the aim to empower the breath and increase awareness of correct alignment.

I like helping students to gradually develop the physical and energetic openness necessary to reach a yogic state. Improving physical strength and flexibility increases the positive effects on the mind, bringing about a sense of calmness and lucidity.

I firmly believe that Yoga is a never ending path through our inner self and a powerful way to develop a positive connection with our bodies and minds. I am grateful to share this excellent tool with people.

Giorgia Monteleone will be available from 19th June to 20th October

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